Warbirds Air To Air Video

Check out this cool warbirds air to air video. Filmed as a trailer for a video from www.flyingmachines.com.au it features many flying warbirds including the Japanese Zero, Grumman Dauntless, Lockheed Lightning and more. 

These aircraft were all heroes of the Pacific Theatre in World War Two. The Mitsubishi Zero was light in both weight, armament, and pilot protection. It lacked self sealing fuel tanks and armour plating to protect the pilot from enemy fire. The advantage of this was excellent manoeuvrability. The downsides were many, including the loss of pilot and aircraft relatively easily when attacked.

The Grumman Dauntless was a light reconnaissance aircraft and dive bomber used by the US Navy in the Pacific. It was one of the most rugged, heavily armed and capable dive bombers of WW2. The example show in this warbirds air to air video is a SBD-5 owned and operated by the Lone Star Flight Museum, Galveston, Texas.