Weather for Combat Flights

Unlike ballooning and skydiving, the weather for combat flights does not have to be almost nil wind or clear skies. With a cruise speed of 5km per minute the warbird aircraft used in combat flights can quickly find a favourable patch of sky. This allows Combat Flights Melbourne to have a very high dispatch rate with very few weather cancellations.

However, it is Melbourne, so the weather for combat flights can occasionally go below minimums. The minima weather criteria is generally overcast cloud below 4000ft. Wind does not have a significant effect on flights apart from creating some low level mechanical turbulence, which is quickly left behind as you climb up to combat altitude.

If the cloud is unbroken and lower than 3500-4000ft, and forecast to remain that way for the rest of the day, you will be contacted by one of the pilots and you can rebook the flight at your leisure. 

A common belief is that the weather for combat flights is best when totally blue skies abound. This is not necessarily true! Some clouds make fantastic back drops for the inflight video cameras and also give a sense of speed as the zip past once you are below 3,000ft. In fact some of the best dogfights have been on those dark overcast days when no one else is up there but the bravest of the brave.


weather for combat flights