Air to Air Dogfighting

Combat Flights Melbourne " Air to Air Dogfighting " First Flights Performed This Week!

Finally, months of getting crews trained, aircraft prepared and regulatory approval came together as Combat Flights Melbourne flew the first of its unique combat flights over Barwon Heads on the Victorian surf coast with its partner Warbird Air Adventures.

Anatole, with his combatant observer ( passenger) Luke in the back seat, flew Nanchang VH-ALO. 

VH-ALO lead the 2-ship formation, with Matt paired with his fellow combatant Cameron, in Nanchang VH-NNM. The two aircraft performed a 'stream' takeoff due to the short runway and 20 kph cross-wind off Runway 08 at Barwon Heads on Thursday, 04 December, 2014. 

Fortunately, the phrase: " A day that will live in infamy"  (Franklin D Roosevelt) made three days later on 07 December (but 73 years earlier in 1941 after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour) was not relevant this day!!

The two aircraft launched and climbed up to 4 500 feet above the spectacular Geelong/Torquay Surf Coast and performed some tight formation flying together. The pair then moved into the approved combat position for more aggressive dog-fight manoeuvring. 

The two combatants fought well, but ultimately there can be only one winner and all agreed that Luke and Anatole probably got the jump on Matt and Cameron and emerged victorious from the fierce battle in the skies above the beach! 

air to air dogfighting
two nanchangs
air to air
nanchang formation

After swapping lead for more air to air dogfighting, the two aircraft separated to conduct individual aerobatic routines including high (4.5) G force vertical-roll and stall turn hammerheads!

Cameron and Luke handled all the air to air dogfighting CFM could throw at them with ease - and would have been up for more-  but time and fuel were running low so the aircraft returned to Barwon Heads to land.

If you would like to try the fantastic and unique experience just like Luke and Cameron did, point your gun sights ( browser) at: