Unusual Wedding Gift Ideas Melbourne


Unusual Wedding Gift Ideas Melbourne

Another milestone for Combat Flights Melbourne this week as it flew another of it's unique combat flights over Barwon Heads on the Victorian surf coast with its partner Warbird Air Adventures. 

unusual wedding gift ideas melbourne

Daniel and Amanda from Melbourne were given the one of the most unusual wedding gift ideas Melbourne has ever seen.

The couple have done several tandem sky-dives with Skydive The Beach but this combat adventure flight was a major step-up in the potential adrenalin rush for Amelia! 

Amelia and Dan would now experience the thrill of a combat flight as a couple, giving them a chance for a 'friendly' fight together and something to talk about for many years!

The two aircraft launched for the second time that day and climbed up to 4,500 feet above the spectacular Geelong/Torquay surf coast. Once again the team performed some tight formation flying together as the broken low level cloud made the scenes below even more breathtaking.

After some of what fighter pilots call ' hack, rack and zooming' in the aerial combat position the winner of the dog-fight just had to be Amelia! 

After the combat-like flying, the two aircraft once again separated to conduct individual aerobatic routines, including the now benchmark high 4.5 G force vertical-roll and stall turn hammerheads!

Yet another successful mission first for Combat Flights Melbourne and a very happy couple who can now share the DVD they purchased of the dog-fight with their family in the future. 

This will prove:  'Mum and Dad were not always boring!'

********As a special offer if two combat flights of 30 minutes are purchased, Combat Flights Melbourne will include a free bottle of Mumm champagne, the drink of Formula 1 champions,  to celebrate your victory - or commiserate your loss!********