Barwon Heads Airport Runway Upgrade

Finally! Barwon Heads Airport has got 800m of the smoothest tar south of Avalon. Boardman Earthmoving did a terrific job removing the old goat track. The runway now is a constant gradient over 80% of the length, flattening out slightly at the southern end.

Regular operators Warbird Air AdventuresSkydive The Beach  & Great Ocean Air are stocking up on new tyres, a small price to pay compared to propeller dings and pummelled undercarriage. The Barwon Heads Airport Runway Upgrade is much welcomed by both the regular commercial users of the airfield, along with all the local private and itinerant users.

Combat Flights Melbourne also operates from Barwon Heads Airport. The runway upgrade means year-round usability, previous winters meant the runway turned into a mud track and was not usable after rain, and sometimes barely usable for weeks at a time.

The Barwon Heads Airport Runway Upgrade was funded through the Regional Aviation Fund, a sub program of the Regional Infrastructure Development Fund. Latrobe Valley Regional Airport was the first to receive funding from the RIDF in 2000, followed by Shepparton, Portland, Mildura and Warrnambool. The RAF was created as a $20 million fund specifically targeted at aviation infrastructure in Victoria. Many regional communities have benefited from runway improvements for medical evacuation, charter flights and fire fighting capabilities. These include Hopetoun, Cobden, Mallacoota, Lethbridge, Tyabb, Coldstream and of course Barwon Heads.

Thanks to the proactive management at Barwon Heads Airport, Boardman Earthmoving and the Regional Aviation Fund, Combat Flights Melbourne has a fantastic all weather satellite field from which to operate from year-round.