CHANGE YOUR WORLD VIEWHigh G Force Aerobatic Flights In High Performance Military Aircraft

For those more interested in airshow style aerobatic flying, join us for our single aerobatic flights. Just you and the pilot, you get to control the intensity of the flight.

An excellent option for those not quite up to the rigours of relentless manoeuvring in combat, an aerobatic flight gradually builds up to similar intensity of a combat flight but you have control the whole time. If you’d rather keep it gentlemanly that is fine, and for those that want to bust out a half-cuban followed by a vertical roll and hammerhead off the top – well that’s fine too!

Aerobatic Warbird Flights


Warbird Flights are high speed, high G-force combat style flight experience unlike any other in the civilian world.

Our group of highly experienced airline, aerobatic and RAAF pilots have thousands of hours of aerobatic experience between them and with over 4,000 aerobatic flights completed we enjoy an impeccable safety record.

Our aerobatic warbird flights are fully customisable to your desires, we start off the manoeuvres gently and work our way up increasing in G force and difficulty as we go. You are in constant communication with the pilot who will be talking you through all the manoeuvres. Warbird Adventure Flights can be had mild to wild, it’s absolutely up to you.

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Experience the thrill of Warbird Aerobatic Flights. A high G force aerobatic flight in an ex-military warbird fighter trainer. Whether you are terrified of flying even straight and level, or a daredevil adrenaline junky, we can fly to suit!


What’s Included?

  • 15-35 minutes in the aircraft, includes all the usual aerobatic manoeuvres and some that aren’t so usual
  • Tailor-made adrenalin experience, just you and the pilot – no one else to stop you
  • Very experienced pilots with literally thousands of aerobatic flights
  • Super-tough ex-military fighter aircraft, totally original (except no guns)
  • A High Definition fully edited multi-cam video of your flight is also available for purchase on the day for an additional cost

Do I Have To Be As Fit As Tom Cruise In Top Gun?

  • S’ok Maverick, you don’t have to hit the gym before your flight
  • No special physical fitness requirements
  • Maximum weight 130kg, height 6’4″ (If you are close to both these limits please call, it may be difficult)
  • Those with serious heart condition, epilepsy or blood pressure problems consult their physician first

Is It Safe?

  • Over 4,000 warbird aerobatic flights, no one has even broken a nail!
  • Aircraft are maintained to, and regulated by the same standards that apply to civilian commercial aviation
  • Unlike airlines, we are in the envious position of never having to hire rookies. All our pilots are very experienced before they ever fly our aircraft

Excellent experience. Great fun. Well organized and well run. It was just a perfect allround day. Loved the whole flight from the moment we left the ground until we touched down again…Highly recommend to anyone thinking of taking this adventure.



  • Call 0402 333 896 to book in the time and date of your adventure flight.
  • Arrive at airport 15 minutes before your scheduled time.
  • You will meet your pilot, do some paperwork and get a pre-flight briefing.
  • Get kitted out in flight suits, helmets and goggles (optional)
  • You are then escorted out onto the tarmac where you will be harnessed into the aircraft by the ground crew and given the cockpit safety brief.
  • Gates are closed and the 9-cylinder supercharged radial engine is primed for start…


Barwon Heads Airport, Barwon Heads Road, Connewarre VIC, Australia

moorabbin airport

Moorabbin Airport VIC, Australia

West Sale Airport

West Sale General Aviation Airport Terminal, Jackson Drive, Fulham VIC, Australia